Expanding your practise

A lot of existing private practices come to Physio123 for help in expanding their business. The way we can help is by developing a new website for these practices and ensuring that it will rank very high in the search engines. The amount of new patients that these practices get from their websites is higher than from anywhere else.

Is your website working for your practice?

Physio123 have a wealth of experience at improving your website’s conversion rate. We can ensure that your website will get more visitors which in turn will lead to more patient referrals.

Physio123 can increase your website’s conversion rate with our superb designs and our SEO techniques can help to increase traffic to your website. It is possible for us to increase your conversion rate by 50% and to increase your traffic fivefold. And by doing this you could see a one thousand percent increase of new patients as a direct result from your website. That means that if your website was currently generating one new patient every week, a new website created by Physio123 could increase that to 10 new patients every week!

This is all done without any contracts. So if you do not see an increase in new patients you are free to leave at any time, no questions asked. We also offer a 6 month free trial allowing you to try our services without obligation. If you would like to discuss with us how we can help you grow your practice please talk to us now.