Benefits of private practise

Thrilling yet demanding

If you are looking for something that will get you excited then starting up a new business is sure to do the job. You will find that a new private physiotherapy practice will be full of optimism and anticipation. Brainstorming, and exciting creativity is at the centre of the start up phase of any new business. And as you see your business grow from strength to strength, you will find that you have many talents that you didn�t know about. You will acquire new business skills as you face new challenges. It is not very likely that you will ever be bored as there will be fresh challenges facing you on a day to day basis. But it can be quite demanding too as you try to get to grips with new tasks etc.

Personal fulfilment

Many of those who have started up their own business have dreamt of doing it for quite a while. If you can create a service that will help others, you will find it immensely fulfilling. When it comes to a private physiotherapy practice, it can be one of the most satisfying professions around. And getting paid for providing this level of help to others is another way of ensuring personal fulfilment from services you are providing.


Many people who set up their own business, do so in order to have a greater level of independence. Working for yourself can mean that you can dictate when and where you will work and the people you choose to work with. Private physiotherapy practices are a great way of ensuring that you choose the hours that you want to work.

Employees often complain about not having any control over the hours they work and how they are delivering a service to customers.

In a private physiotherapy practice, you will be able to ensure that you have complete control over all aspects of your business, from the hours worked, to the patients you work with, as well as the services you are providing.

Direct link between your effort and reward

In private practice you benefit directly from the effort you expend. When you are an employee in an institution, the benefits of your labour are spread amongst you, your co-workers and your employer. Most often it does not matter how much, or how little, work you do, you are compensated at a fixed rate. In a solo private practice you are the direct beneficiary of your effort. If you choose to work three days per week or five days per week you will be compensated accordingly. If business is slow and you spend extra time marketing you will reap the benefits of your effort in the future. If you need to boost your income chances are if you work harder at getting more referrals your income will increase, especially if you provide a superior service targeted towards a particular type of patient.

Economic self-determination

Working in your own private practice means that you decide what you want to be paid. You determine your hourly fees, how many hours you work, how much of your private practice income will be spent on improving your business, on marketing. Your earning potential is less limited when you own your own practice versus working for an organisation. As the owner of your private practice, (as long as your business is financially viable) you are not at the mercy of a workplace hierarchy.

Flexible work schedule

Being in private practice allows you some flexibility outside the traditional 8.30 '�� 4.30 world of hospital work to better manage your work life balance. You can arrange your private practice schedule in accordance with your personal, social, and family life. If attending the yoga class at your local gym four times a week is a priority for you when you are in private practice you can schedule your clients around that time. You are better able to schedule your holidays on time to coincide with your partner or friends. For some private practitioners the ability to combine paid work with meaningful volunteer work is an important benefit of running a private practice.

Your private physiotherapy practice work can fit with whatever stage of life you are in. If you are a parent with young children and want to share the care of your children with your partner you can schedule your private practice appointments when you partner is able to care for the children. Perhaps seeing clients on the weekends rather than during the week is a better fit with your lifestyle or part-time employment than only seeing clients during the week. If you choose to have a home practice you are afforded a greater work-life flexibility.