To allow you to fully customise your PhysioOne package, we have a range of optional extras available.

Setup Fee Per month

Wordpress setup

£960 £5

Would you like to manage your content or even add your own pages? Wordpress is your option. Please note: this will increase the cost of your other addons as we will need to program these differently

Additional webpage

£30 £0

The more content you have on your website the better! The more pages you add the more likely your website is to appear in search engines.

There are many reasons for adding a new page. The most common reasons include:

  • Offering a new treatment
  • Providing a new service
  • Describing how you can help a particular condition
  • Increasing the amount of information on your website
  • Adding a careers section to your website
  • Providing a page with useful advice guides or exercise programme downloads
  • Highlighting a new promotion you are offering
  • Expanding your business and providing information about a new clinic / location you offer

Additional Domain name

£10 £2

Many therapy practices and businesses in general have both a and a .com domain name. This is primarily to protect themselves from the any competitors and "cyber squatters".

Physio123 recommend you have both a .com and a as you maybe losing potential customers who are unable to remember your domain extension.

We can also provide you with the following domain extensions:

  • .com
  • .org
  • .net
  • .eu
  • .biz
  • .info
  • .name

Please contact us to see whether your desired domain name is available

Additional Email Address

£15 £5

If you would like to increase the number of email addresses included with your package, these are available as an add-on. This allows you to provide staff with their own email address.

As standard all email address can be access via Webmail or using an email client (such as Outlook or Windows Mail).

All emails addresses can be configured to work with your mobile device, such as an iPhone or Blackberry.

Interactive form (additional)

£30 £5

Interactive forms are an effective method of establishing good patient relationships and increasing website visitors to patients. Interactive forms also allow to collect information from potential patients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Types of interactive forms available include; enquiry form, feedback form, newsletter signup, request a call-back from.

Enquiry forms allow potential customers to ask you questions without the hassle of having to phone a number or send you an email. The completed form is sent to your email address. Several fields within this form are compulsory, such as their email address and their comments. If these are entered incorrectly they will be given a message telling them what information needs to be entered.

Feedback forms will let your previous customers comment on the service you have provided. It is also a good idea to have a testimonial page of your happy customers.

Newsletter signup forms are a good way to collect information from potential or existing patients that would like to be kept informed about any offers / practice updates.

Call-back forms are a good way for potential patients to request to speak to a therapist directly.

Once these forms have been successfully completed and sent to you, they will be taken to a thankyou page, thanking them for their time and comments. You are then free to contact the patient at your leisure.

Integration of online booking platforms

£0 £0

To allow your visitors to make an online booking is a great way to generate business. Many visitors to your website will be wanting to instantly make an appointment without the hassle of having to phone someone up.

The Online Booking Form is linked to an Online Payment System which allows customers to pay instantly with their credit cards.

The benefits of using an online booking system are:

  • Payment is taken upfront for new patients, this means if the patient fails to turn up, you will not be out of pocket.
  • Less hassle - people who book online will not need to speak to you or your reception staff on the telephone.
  • An online booking form allows your customers to book an appointment 24 hours a day using our automated system.
  • Many people browse health related issues outside of office hours therefore allowing them to book and pay for an appointment instantly, will increase self-referrals.

Search feature

£120 £5

Physio123 can provide a search box for your website, this allows a user to search the contents of your entire site. Having a search box on your website helps potential customers find information quickly and easily.

By giving the customers what they want, they will be more likely to use your services.

A search box also makes your site more accessible for users who may have difficulty browsing your site. Search boxes are especially important for sites with lots of information (over 20 pages).

Wordpress Blog

£1000 £5

Physio123 can provide you with a blog for your website, a blog is a great way for you to to update your site with regular information that potential clients may find interesting, having lots of interesting and useful information on a site improves your Google ranking and makes it more likely for a potential paitent to book an appointment.

Expandable list

£30 £0

Expandable lists are a great way of including lots of content on your webpage, while maintaining usability and providing a great user experience.

These lists can display (or hide) content at the click of a button.

If you visit our FAQs section you can see these expandable lists in action.

Gallery (social media feed)

£60 £0

Do you use Instagram / Facebook / Twitter daily for your business? We can include your social media feed in your site.

Gallery (up to 100 images)

£180 £0

Photo galleries allow you to show off your images in style.

Let users click through your photo collection with ease.

For examples please see:

Slideshow (Without Text)

£60 £0

Slideshows make a great feature for your homepage and are compatible with all modern browsers.

For examples please see:

Slideshow with text

£90 £0

Slideshows make a great feature for your homepage and are compatible with all modern browsers.

For examples please see:

Squeeze page

£240 £0

Squeeze pages or are a great way of encouraging visitors to perform an action, such as signup or fill in a form.

A squeeze page is a web page that encourages websites visitors interested in your services to provide information such as an email address or, telephone number.

Information on squeeze pages is kept to a minimum this ensures there is more chance of the website visitor providing the information you require and not leave the page to go looking for more information.

Squeeze pages are most effective when used with an interactive form.

For an example please see:

Landing page

£120 £0

Landing pages are used in conjunction with paid-for-click advertising. For example if you were looking to run a campaign for people looking for paediatric therapy you would want them arriving on a page that is entirely related to children's physiotherapy.

Landing pages have two main benefits:

It increases your conversion rate - the likelihood of a visitor making a booking or further enquiry.

It reduces the cost of your advertising spend as the page is often more relevant and therefore it will reduce the cost per click you pay.

For an example please see:

Content writing

£50 £0

Would you like us to write your content? You will receive a quote for this dependant on your request. This price is per 500 words.

Static Blog

£60 £5

A blog is a great way for you to to update your site with regular information that potential clients may find interesting, having lots of interesting and useful information on a site improves your Google ranking and makes it more likely for a potential pa

Graphic Design

£0 £0

Would you like some extra detail to your branding of your site? We have exclusive graphic designers in house ready to build to your needs. You will receive a quote for this dependant on your request.

Social testimonials

£90 £0

Do you receive many reviews on your facebook page? This would be a great option for you, we can embed the latest 5 testimonials on your site. Which will always be up to date

Snazzy map

£15 £0

Would you like to add some style to your google maps? Perhaps give them a colour to match your brand? Adding Snazzy maps will be great for your brand.

SEO (1 hour)

£0 £30

We will dedicate an hour per month to monitor how well your site is performing in Google.

Social media setup

£40 £0

Are you a new business starting from the ground up? We can provide you with professional looking business pages to kickstart your company. (Per social media page)

Embeded Social media

£60 £0

Have an active social media feed? We can add this into the design of your site

Printing - Brochure

£0 £0

The printed brochure is your opportunity to tell people all about your practice in a way that provides as much information as possible in a relatively small, hand-held publication.

Printing - Swing Board Sign

£0 £0

Swing board signs can be seen all over the UK. Physio123 can help you create and print a custom swing board sign to put out front of your practice. As an added bonus, the small size and portability of these signs makes them very easy to take in at night.

Printing - Logo Redesign

£0 £0

Is your current logo looking outdated and does not reflect your company or its services? Are you looking for a new logo to rebrand your practice? Physio123 can help!

If there is anything you would like, but is not featured on our list, just ask us, we may be able to help.

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