Physio123 will improve your online presence and ultimately generate more business for your practice. But don't just take our word for it, hear what our clients have to say...

One unique thing that I like about Physio123 is that you can pay for service on an ongoing monthly basis rather than a significant upfront cost. This really helped me on setting up the clinic. Finally the customer care has been exceptional. Emails are always answered in a timely manner and the small updates that I've asked for have been completed extremely quickly.

Alex Taylorson

The Ringwood Clinic

I'm very happy with the design and layout of my website. It is high on the Google ranking - it appears 5 times on the first page of Google! There are a high number of patients coming to the clinic as a direct result of looking at our website and doing a Google search.

Maureen Blake

County Physio

From start to finish the website was completed and online within two weeks. I was extremely pleased with the result. The designers had included all the information, pictures and ideas I had given them. I had a few minor changes to make to the design, that where finished within 24 hours, and have now got a website that I am very proud of.

John Bowman

Macclesfield Physio

I have been really pleased by the huge amount of new business the website has generated for the practice. In the first year of my website being online it added over £60,000 to my turnover. This has allowed me to grow my practice and take on additional staff. I am continually updating my website and adding new services, the whole process couldn't be easier.

Margaret Peterson

Manchester Neuro Physio

I would just like to say how happy I am with my new website from Physio123. I have had my own website for about 6 years now, but it has only attracted a handful of customers. Since my new one launched in January I have had as many visitors in 3 months as in about 3 years with the previous site.

I am very, very, very pleased with my website. I love the clean (NOT clinical and cold), professional look and feel of the pages. I have received so many comments on how professional and informative the website looks! I would definitely say choosing Physio123 has been worthwhile!

Physio123 is the one stop shop for promoting my business and an essential tool for new clients coming through the door. I would highly recommend them for new practices wanting to grow their clientele numbers or existing practices who want a professional website to showcase their talents.

Jamie Oldroyd

Premier Physio

love the website and colours. I think the logo works well. I also like the landscape view that you have added. Many thanks again it really is very professional looking.

Carol Baxter

Westerhill Physio

Just to let you know that I had my first enquiry via the website this week so it is definitely working - thanks very much.

Gordon Crawford

Gordon Crawford Physio

I am happy to say that I have been very happy with both the setting up of the website and support offered since setup. I would certainly recommend your services if asked. Kind regards.

I have only had chance to look through very quickly and it looks fantastic. I'm really pleased with it. The colours are good, the logo looks great and i love that you can click to find out more information on various topics. I have been very pleased with the service I have received from both yourself and Steven. My website is great and I have appreciated being able to discuss any queries I have had.

Joanna o'brien

Manchester Ear Clinic

I am pleased that the site is now live and can already see it start to appear in search engines!

Daniel Woods

PT Kids

I was just searching on google and when I typed in Durham my website appeared straight away on the 'Google mini map', which is fantastic!! Excellent work, the website looks great. Thanks a lot!!!

Jamie Oldroyd

Premier Physio

We've both had a look at it and we are very happy with it, your team is very talented. I love the logo and the designs, I think they are spot on. Well done guys! I am pleased that the site is now live and can already see it start to appear in search engines!

Ryan Mcalinden

InTune Clinic

I am very impressed with the look of the website - it is well designed, attractive and easy to navigate.

Really happy with how the site is looking now.

Wow! Just had a look at the website and I love it!

Emma Jayne

Ej Animal Flex

Thank you for the website and business cards. I am happy with the website it looks very informative and eye-catching.

Virgina Pereira

Sutton Physiotherapy

We really pleased with the look & design of the new website. Thank you very much for your work.

Physio123....the answer to my prayers!

Michelle Hood

MH Physio

I've recently done a promotion with Groupon and have received quite a a lot of positive comments on their feedback page about my website.

Alison Hall

Hands On Therapies

I am really pleased with my website. I was dealt with in a very polite and professional way. I was really happy with the changes you made in reply to my emails regarding what i would like in my website.

Matt Timmins


The website is absolutely brilliant thanks, I'm really pleased with it! I would like to add another staff profile if possible. I would also like to write a testimonial to say how pleased I am with your service.

Jamie Danvers

Postural Solutions

I have only positive feedback!The website is great and very professional. It is moving up the google rankings although it has only been a week. The service has been excellent, always friendly, prompt and professional.

Many thanks for the website. I am very happy. I think the design is good and I really like the new logo, conveying the crisp but friendly branding I want to achieve – thanks for that!

Alison Walker Smith

Peak Physiotherapy Practice

I have to say you guys have done a wonderful job and it looks fabulous.

Thank you for all your help help yesterday with getting emails on my phone, great service!


Physio and Pilates

That all looks absolutely amazing. I am excited the website is finally being launched. Thank you very much indeed for all your hard work on my behalf. Many thanks.

I absolutely love the website and it is just what I had in mind, and I have found it very easy 'working' with you. I was impressed at the time that it took to complete too, and have had very good feedback from friends and family!

A huge thank you for all your help and patience with the websites, very much appreciated. They all look great and the SEO is evidently working for the Leeds location – more Leeds enquiries are coming through and our position on Google for Leeds has significantly improved!

Kathy Preston

Peak Physiotherapy

The website looks great!

Caroline Pepper

Pure Physio

I felt that you where very supportive and I was very pleased with the outcome.

Hi guys, I have nothing but praise for the way you deal with anything I ask you to change on the website and the speed in which alterations are made. Having the website you provide is totally invaluable to my business.

Just awesome! Thank you so much! Really appreciate all your efforts so far!

My website looks amazing! I love it! It's all online now! So fabulous! Thank you so much for all your hard work!

Lindsay Slater

Body Performance

Thank you very much for the website - It's great and I'm thrilled with it. Everything is brill, I love the way you've worked the colour scheme and the logo bit especially. Thank you so much indeed. Once again, thank you very much for all of your assistance, Happy Easter!

Linda Willets

Redditch Physiotherapy

I am very satisfied with my website and have had good feedback from patients regarding its quality. My position in Google for local searches for Physio is excellent and brings me a small number of regular referrals.

Michael Clements

Maltings Physiotherapy

Well I love the site and do all that has seen it. Your service is fantastic.

My website looks great. I have been getting great feedback from customers, colleagues and friends about the website! All of my clients have spoken positively about the website and were impressed with the professional finish. If you are looking for a professional service with fantastic results I recommend Physio123. I would have no problem in recommending Physio123 to other physiotherapists.

Barry Kehoe

Kehoe Physio

I am very happy with the website, your service was very prompt in responding and the design process was easy and trouble-free. For someone like myself who is not particularly IT literate, it was easy for me to understand what information you required and this helped me to quickly get my website up and running. Prior to your help, this seemed quite a daunting task. I am happy with our Google ranking. We appear to be being found on the internet by our customers. In the last month, we have received a few new patients who have found us by our website so we are starting to see the benefits already. Service has been excellent, you have responded promptly to all my questions and throughout building the website. Using your service has enabled me to have a website up and running quickly and cost ef

Andrew Jackson

The Etherow Clinic

I am sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you with feedback. I could not have been happier with the service you and your colleagues provided - prompt replies to emails with helpful suggestions when requested, a great looking website and a very professional manner. The only thing i'd change would be the start of the 3 month free trial - being a mother of 2 trying to squeeze in a bit of work it took me a while to get the initial forms back to you so by the time the site was up and running the 3 months was nearly up. That said, the monthly fee is very reasonable compared to many of your competitors and that it includes the design of the site is ideal for a one-man-show! Now fingers crossed for the flood of patients...

I am delighted with the look of the website

Sharon Solomon


I really like what you have done! Thank you for all your hard work.

Salim Mughal

Physio Work Company

Really pleased with the website. It looks fab. Many thanks!

Kath Taylor

Physio Clinic Plus

Many thanks, you always do an excellent job in getting back to me swiftly and efficiently in helping me with any problems. thanks.



Really happy with all the advice you gave, and the speed you set it all up, my old site was a real mess and you have made such a difference. I have recommended you already, and will continue to do so. Thank you very much

Fran Sherratt

Lakes Physiotherapy

Just wanted to say a big thank you to the guys at Physio123. I have been in business for 12yrs and my website had not changed in that time. It was old and outdated, and wasn't really attracting any new custom. The new website is fresh and modern and with the help of Physio123 is now ranked very highly on Google. Whenever I feel like adding new offers, or tweaking the website, the team are very quick to deal with my requests. The process is efficient and easy and I would definitely recommend them to my colleagues.

Joanne Cheyette

Imperial Physiotherapy

We found the whole process very good and extremely efficiently set up. The overall level of service and response to our many queries was excellent, and the website design and layout has a modern and impressive appearance. Your promotion has improved our Google ranking and overall we have found it a pleasing experience with a very satisfactory outcome.


Cheylesmore Physiotherapy

I really like the site. It looks great, so many great little bits of attention to detail! Everyone visiting will be impressed by the professionalism of the site. Also it's really easy to navigate and find exactly what you’re looking for. I think people will spend a lot longer on this site and be more likely to bookmark it than the old one. All this will lead to more Manchester Podiatry clients. Yippee!!!