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Employee to practitioner

At different times in their careers, Physical Therapists enter the private practice. It is a very important decision that takes a lot of time to consider and requires faith, planning and the ability to deal with new problems every day.

Chances are, Physical Therapists who are moving to the private practice were previously a healthcare employee. Many times, Physical Therapists begin building their practice while they are still an employee. While this may take a lot of effort, time, dedication and strength, it does give you a steady income that will slowly grow. You can still work for your employer while you build up your client base and collect a monthly income. When you are finally generating enough money to feel comfortable working for yourself, you can quit your job and work full time for yourself!

Start out part-time

For practitioners wishing to start private work part-time, Physio123 recommend practitioners take advantage of our 6 month free trial. This will allow you to experience working privately knowing that you have the support of Physio123 to help generate more patients referrals.

It is also recommended that if you are running a private practice on the side, you should try and negotiate a deal with your boss to work reduced hours. This will make it easier to see clients. Or, you could always just see clients on the weekends or evenings. It will be difficult holding down two jobs at once, but if you stick it out, you can eventually work full time for yourself! You could try working full time while still building your practice on the side, but chances are, you will be overworked and you will not be successful. You may try sharing time with another Physical Therapist, or even just reducing your hours to a part time schedule.

It also depends how far along in your career you are when you decide to start a private practice. When you are just getting out of school and getting started in the world, you should probably work for someone else to get experience and network with colleagues. As you get older and better, you can branch out and start your own practice.

Sometimes, Physical Therapists transition directly from a full time job to a full time private practice immediately. If you want to try and make this transition, you need a lot of financial resources, a lot of planning and a lot of willpower. Don’t forget to keep in touch with your former colleagues: you never know when you will need them!

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